Street Food Da Lat

Street Food Da Lat

I have said it before and I shall say it agin, Vietnam has the best street food in the world and U now know that steer food Da Lat sits near if not at the top of the tree.

Getting to Da Lat from Phnom Penh

It trunks out that visiting Nha Trang and Da Lat is a real easy getaway from Phnom Penh, with a simple $20 6 hour bus to Saigon starting off the journey. From here you have all the fun of Ho Chi Minh City, including all that lovely sleaze, but also great street food.

There is even a street called “Saigon Street Food” which were it anywhere else would have been tacky, but for whatever reason somehow works here. I had thought come for Saigon, I wanted to go further afield.

Taking the train in Vietnam

I love taking the train in Vietnam and I do not care that they are old trains. What I love is that you can sleep and eat on them, which saves time and offers stunning views of the Vietnamese countryside.

I shall at some point give this its own article, but for now you can make do with my TikTok video.

A brief stop in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is an ever changing beast, I remember coming here in 2017 and it being really sleazy. Now it is much better and dare I say even family friendly. Street food in Nha Trang is OK and I will probably gibe it is own article at some point, but that point is not today.

Getting to Da Lat after this will require a bus, but it is relatively pain free and they will even pick you up from your hotel for you.

Street Food Da Lat

Before we go hot and heavy on street food Das Lat, lets talk about Da Lat itself. This is a mountain town which means it has cool fruit and vegetables as well as an almost cold climate. It reminded me a bit of Baguio in the Philippines and as an Englishman I definitely relished the colder weather.

The town is also very beautiful, boasting gardens, as well as maybe my favorite hotel in the world the “Crazy House” have also ready done An article in it, so won’t bore you with it here, but the pace iOS epic and worth coming just to stay here.

So, what for Street Food Da Lat? Well it is pretty much everywhere, but to get the best of the best you need to go to night market. Here half of the market is selling cheap clothes and toys, while the other half is selling cheap, but amazing street food.

Again as I have said I love Vietnamese e street food, but the street food of Da Lat was interesting in that they have adapted in many ways to suit the food available and of course the climate.

There were of course your usually classics, such as Vietnamese squid, which truly takes some beating (Thailand comes close), but it was one local dishes that really caught me out. These included a big broth filled soup, which you can see ibe video below, but also a great take on strawberries.

Said take had strawberries being served with either sugar, or salt and pepper. I went for the later and it blew my taste buds out of the water. Why did it work? I truly do not know, but it did and I have literally been craving it ever since.

Overall Street Food Da Lat was a great success, and I would certainly op my head back in here should I be in the area, or on a Vietnam Tour.