Best Street Food Majuro

Street Food Majuro

Majuro might be one of the least visited places on earth, but is there a street food scene and where is the best street food Majuro?

The Marshall Islands, of which Majuro is the capital atoll/island is an independent republic in a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Officially the 10th least visited country in the world, I came to visit as part of the YPT Least Visited Countries Tour.

Cuisine of the Marshall Islands

I will delve deeper into this later, but essentially it is Micronesian with heavy influences from the United States, as well as having unique idiosyncrasies to the region, such as with spam and corned beef. – a relic of World War 2.

The other key element is that this region has some of the best tuna and thus sashimi, as well as local dishes.

The main local speciality thus is Marshallese Poke, which is not all that different from Poke.

At some point I will publish a Marshallese Poke recipe

Is there street food in Majuro

The Majuro street food scene is a bit lacking, or less organized than in other parts of the world. Generally this means street stalls that sell different bits, which could range from fruit, so long cooked root vegetables that are popular within the region.

When you head to the beach or other places by the seafront quite a few people are doing BBQ chicken, or fish with rice, most times this is actually for sale, but sometimes guys just be cooking and the friendly nature of the people means they might juts share it.

Much like with the nightlife of Palau/Koror there are sometimes markets that will also serve up a street food Majuro treat.

Fast Food Majuro

Again and much like in the other US “colonies” the fast food Majuro/Late night street food Majuro has been taken over by people hawking burgers and hot dogs, which certainly do a job late at night.

As you can imagine “Hawaiian” burgers are popular, as is pineapple with most everything.

Alas there is no McDonalds in Majuro, nor a KFC, something I am sure the imperialists with fix one day….

So, not an eclectic Street Food Majuro scene, but not an sailed, nor country you will go hungry in, particularly if you like yourself some raw tuna.