Budget Port Barton  – Summer Beach Resort

Summer Beach Resort

It turns out that Porter Barton is potentially the hidden gem of Palawan, and at the centre of this gem is the best value hotel, namely Sunrise Beach Resort.

What the Port Barton?

I will give Port Barton its own article as it is quite literally my favorite discovery for a lon time. This place site halfway between El Nido and Puerto Princessa Airport and is like a throwback to times past.

Ten years ago this was what El Nido was like, few bars, or restaurants a rustic feel, cheapness and island hopping. Why is it not as popular as El Nido? No one can be sure, but inessense everything goes in waves and by the looks of things Port Barton will be the next El Nido and Nacapan.

I’ll cover this more4 in a later article……

Getting to Port Barton

Getting here from El Nido will take about 3 hours and cost $100, the same as coming from PP. The roads are decent and well certainly better than in Bougainvillaea.

On arrival you are treated to an old school Filipino beach town. `Being so small means that all the good shit is located on the waterfront, which is easy to get to as there is pretty much one road.

Where is Summer Beach Resort

The hotel is on the main beach and main drag of Port Barton. Unlike other “beach resorts” Sunrise Beach Resort is actually on the beach. Also helpful is that it is a bit of a social hub, so people actually know where it is if you do get lose.

Sunrise beach Resort Address;

Sunrise Beach Resort | Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

The Rooms at Summer Beach Resort Port Barton

Rooms are simple with most coming with a fan and private bathroom, although they do have beach side cottages that cost a little more. Said rooms tart at about $22 and go up to about $40, with time of year and other factors affecting this.

Why do cheap? Well enjoy to while it lasts and this place will be the next big thing to happen in Palawan. Prices here and in Port Barton in general are only low because no one knows about the pklace – ye

Facilities at Summer Beach Resort

They seem to be famous primarily for their massages which come on the beach and start at just $7, depending on what you want, although they refused too wax my back…

There is a greta restaurant who did a BBQ for me for about $55 covering 5 people and there seemed to be people coming from the whole area to eat here. There are other restaurants in Port Barton, but again this is a sleepy island place so choices are limited.

And they pretty much have a private beach, as well as offering Island Hopping – what more could one want from a beach resort?

So, Summer Beach Resort is worth a visit?

This is the best place in the next new place that will rock tourism on. The best island in the world. Come here whilst you can be at ground zero on things.

For me at least I will be bringing my 2024 Plan Tour here and I will be suing Sunrise Beach Apartments……