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Gorgonzola Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Gorgonzola Restaurant, El Nido

Whilst I have already written about the restaurants of El Nido, I left our one core category, where to get pizza in the town. Previously there was a famous foreign ran pizza restaurant in El Niudo called Tratoria.

Sadly Covid closed that, with Gorgonzola now taking its place on El Nido high street – is it tough worth the hype that huge lines suggest?

Where is Gorgonzola Restaurant El Nido?

Just off of the main high street and not far from Template, or the Wild Rose Inn

Gorgonzola Pizza Restaurant El Nido address;

Omen Street

Corner of C Hama

El Nido



What can you get at Gorgonzola Restaurant

It is all about the wood fired pizzas, which you see getting cooked on the premises. They have favorites, such as meat, or cheese, as well as the ability to build you own.. Very standard pizza pie type stuff.

They also have pasta favorites, as well as things like a calzone – which also looked the part.

How are the pies at Gorgonzola Restaurant?

Our group got a 24 inch white pizza, which came wit garlic, onion and feta cheese. Yet while it looked amazing, the taste was bland and unappealing. They also lacked key condiments that you would have with a pizza, with the hot sauce bering the only real thing that worked much.

The calzone too were unimaginative. Price wise a huge pizza pie will set you back $20+, which is really not all that bad value – lack of flavor not withs standing.

How was the service at Gorgonzola pizza?

Perhaps this is what I liked least about Gorgonzola Restaurant – they have waiters, who deliver the food, but y9u have to line up and pay before you eat AND they do not take cards.

Not taking cards means they are not paying tax, while making you pay as you go simply makes you drink less. Definite point loser for me.

Gorgonzola Restaurant rating – 3/10

Bad pies, no table service, no cards and still you need to lone up to get in – and tbh I think 3/10 is being really generous here.

Yet it is always full, sheer proof that when hipsters want a pizza they get a pizza. So, while I am not fan of the place, if you do need a pizza they are the only game in El Nido.