Best Street Squid in Phnom Penh

Street squid

Where is the best street squid in Phnom Penh? Well the great news is that squid is not only cheap, but extremely plentiful in Phnom Penh, meaning that great street squid throughout the capital.

In fact I will go out on a real limb here and say that the squid I have had in Cambodia is some of the best I have had on the whole planet, alongside that of Thailand of course.

How do they do street squid in Cambodia?

Street squid in Cambodia is generally grilled from a street food cart that is wheeled around the city and largely placed in bar friendly places to feed locals and hungry beer drinkers alike.

With this there’s the usual small style squid that usually costs between $1.50-2.50, with it coming with cucumber and khmer veggies. There is also bigger varieties too that cost a slight bit more.

And how do you eat stet squid in Cambodia? Firstly you doese it with Khmer hot sauce, which despite what anyone else says is really some of the best in the world – sorry Thailand.

You then eat it quick literally with stabbing wooden stick that get spangle into the squid, with veg and hot sauce before you then spear the lot and eat at your own leisure.

So, where can you get the best street squid in Phnom Penh?

As they come on street food carts which move there really is not one particular dream spot, but there is a whole area that is street food heaven, and this is everything from Street 172 to Street 110, which includes the Phnom Penh market in the middle.

To read about Addis Restaurant on 172 click here.

On the many streets that run parallel to these (and away from the grill bars)  you will find the best street variants of everything from  lort cha (fried noodles) to the aforementioned Khmer street squid.