Best Budget Hotel in Koror – West Plaza Desekel

West Plaza Desekel

Palau is known for not being budget friendly, like at all, but there are at least a few cheaper options when it comes to your accommodation here, with the West Plaza Desekel being the best bang for your buck real hotel.

This though does not mean that it is the same as the other more upmarket West Plaza Hotels in Palau, the Desekel Part here is very important.

Where is the West Plaza Desekel

Well from what we can gather it is in an urban place called Desekel, this means not downtown, or near the party part of town. It is about 20 minutes from the airport and 15, or so from town, not so far if you have a vehicle.

West Plaza Desekel Address




+680 488 2133

What the Desekel?

Not much going on here to be fair, but they had a market underneath the hotel called Desekel Market, which sold booze, a shop opposite, which sold booze, as well as a phone shop, which I did not check if it had booze.

There were also at least 3-4 decent enough restaurants within spitting distance of the hotel, but alas we opted for Carp Restaurant.

Rooms and services at West Plaza Desekel

The rooms are OK and a bit retro if anything, offering a balcony and a communal area which was utilized by the drinkers of the Least Visited Countries Tour.

Breakfast wise we had stuff delivered from another branch, which was passable, but sadly had a real excess of plastic.

What really made the place though were the extremely friendly and amiable staff, mostly from the Philippines who made this more of a home away from home than merely a hotel.

Palau is an expensive country, so if you need to make savings the West Plaza Desekel is the place to stay.