What is Ize Lemon Drink? – 2022 Guide

What is Ize Lemon Drink

What is Ize Lemon Drink? Ize Lemon is a lemon soda drink drink produced by Khmer Enterprises was part of their Ize range, the most famous of which being Ize Cola.

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What is the history of Ize Lemon?

It is made by Khmer Enterprises who are more famous for making Cambodian beer, which is probably the second most popular, or at least famous beer in Cambodia.

They began to make their soft-drink range in 2017, which from what I can gather is when Ize Lemon was produced. Apparently it has also earned one of these Monde Selection Gold Quality Awards, in 2021. Although it looks like they might give this out like confetti.

Photo: pulplast

Where can you get Ize Lemon Drink?

A Cambodian product it is nowhere near as readily available as Ize Cola, itself not exact;y available everywhere. You will though find Ize Lemon in most supermarkets, as well as corner stores and places like 7-Eleven and Kiwi Mart.

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How does Ize Lemon taste?

So it is a lemon soda, so in theatre comparable to Sprite, or 7-Up. Overall it is not too sweet and not too bad, yet where Ize Cola competes with the big guns, Ize Lemon does not.

Not quite as low as store brand soda, but way below the imports.

Can you mix Ize Lemon with alcohol?

You’d mix Ize Lemon with vodka if there were no Sprite available, but you would not go out of your way for the stuff.

I have had Ize Lemon with Khmer Whisky, but hey two bad products do not combine to make good one.

Overall i’d give this a 7/10 on #LemonSoda quest. So, overall not that bad at all, but nowhere near as good as Ize Cola and unlikely to be setting the world alight anytime soon.