The Best Burger in Causeway Bay? Exotica Gelatea

Exotica Gelatea

As they say the only thing worser than not getting what you want, is getting what you want and this how best to describe trying the best burger in Causeway Bay at Exotica Gelatea

While taking a stroll 4 days ago I happened upon Exotica Gelato. It was closed but advertised Wagyu Burgers, with a review posted in the window from a food critic – not me may I add that desired this as the vest Birger in the world, not merely the best in Causeway Bay!

I duly went back last night to find it closed, as well as lunchtime today, where I was to see the staff taking promotional photos. Was I ever to try a Wagyu burger5? Well today I saw it was open rushed to get my cards and headed for a feast.

You can read about Wagyu Beef here.

Exotica Gelatea Causeway Nay

Located on a cute corner and within walking distance of Times Square, the MTR and Best Western it is pretty small restaurant that would struggle to get 15 people in there. This though at least with burger restaurants can be a good sign.

The menu was relatively simple with the burgess following standard form in general although being of the Wagtu variety. Generally speaking they were about $15 each with fries costing $3 extra. The outlier here though was the Fois Gras Wagyu burger at $30. Obviously that is what I got, although I also added cheese.

This was mixed up with a $13 durian gelato milkshake. They also offered gelato burgers which I was initially going to try, but decided against…..

Exotica Gelatea Address;


49 Sharp Street East

Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong SAR

The best burger in Causeway Bay?

I do not know who the guy in the review on the window was, you know the one who said this is the best burger in the world, but I can say we have very different tastes.

Firstly the burger bun was too airy and was like the kind of buns you get at house BBQ. The tomato and lettuce were also too dominant and for this had to be removed, alongside much of the bun.

And as for the burger? I like burgers and I like fois gras, but maybe they just do not mix well together, or I have no taste. Either way I feel really cheated by my first Wagyu burger experience and simply remain thankful that I did not eat a steak there.

And to add insult to injury despite claiming to be a bit of poshnosh establishment they didn’t even take Amex. And while I do not begrudge paying a service fee usually, when it comes when the restaurant is expensive and the service has been questionable it does grate a bit. Yet despite this I am sure they will do well through location alone.

The best burger in Causeway Bay? I’m gonna say 3rd best tops, with McDonalds and Jolibee both giving me more pleasure ob recent visits.