What is WKD drink? 90’s classics


The WKD drink is one of the most iconic of the 90’s alcopop revolution. Said company did and do make a range of drinks, but it always the sickly sweet WKD Blue that stole our hearts.

And I know all about this as this happened exactly as I started to drink!

What is WKD drink?

WKD, which is pronounced “wicked”, which is London parlance means good first came out in 1996 by Beverage Brands and by 2006 were the number one selling ready to drink alcopop in 2006.

And with their advertising slogan of “‘Have you got a WKD (for “wicked”) side?’ The gained cult lie status. Their principal brand of WKD Original uses actual vodka mixed into the drunk, rather than wine, as with Spy Wine Cooler. The recipe, which is secret has apparently remained unchanged since.

The WKD Drink Range

Aside from the classic WKD their most famous other flavor was alcoholic Irn Bru! Itself another firm sensation in a bottle.

WKD Blue“Mixed-fruit” flavour1996
2WKD Pink GinPink coloured, raspberry flavour2021
3WKD Iron BrewOrange coloured, Irn-Bru flavour1996
4WKD Orange & PassionfruitAmber coloured, passion fruit and orange flavour2023
5WKD Raspberry LemonadeCerise coloured, raspberry and lemon flavour2021
6WKD Berry BlastRed coloured, raspberry flavour2022
7WKD Love IslandPurple coloured, Grape flavour2024
8WKD Blue Non-alcoholicBlue Coloured, “mixed fruit” flavour, alcohol free2024

Discontinued WKD drinks

Alas when there are survivors, there also have to be victims. Here are the former #WKDQuest products.

Discontinued varieties

  • WKD Original Vodka Silver

Clear, “tropical” flavour.

  • WKD Blonde

Apple-flavoured, but not cider-based; yellow.

  • WKD Core

Cider-based drink, apple-flavoured, green. Introduced 2009.

  • WKD Purple

“Mixed berry” flavour.

  • WKD Green

Green apple flavour.

  • WKD Orange

Orange-flavoured and coloured.

  • WKD Vegas

“Mixed fruit” flavour, dark purple.

WKD and pop culture – The Check Vimto

There is a famous cocktail where you mix port with WKD Blue and it becomes alcoholic Vimto, thus combining two great drinks. The crazy thing here is not only does it work, but it is bloody good.

WKD also spawned a number of copycat drinks with similar names and look throughout the world. Few would argue that even greats like Tanduay Blue and Rio Drink are but mere copies of a greater product!

And lastly if you were a certain age you got drunk on this, hell we even thought we were classy doing it. Should you also have been born in the early 80’’s it was drinks like this that meant we no longer gad to drink 20/20 or Super Brew – and for that we thank WKD Blue!