Amazing Wan Chai Street Food

Wan Chai Street Food

If you are looking to party in Hong Kong then the bars and clubs of Wan Chai are the place to do it; But, there is more to here than just drinks, with Wan Chai Street Food being some of the best in the country.

So, what is Wan Chai? This is the main sleazy bar area in Hong Kong. Yes there are other places where you can party in Hong Kong, but if you are a normal human rather than a banker then this is where you will most likely end up.

I will no doubt give the next part its own article. But this place truly comes alive at the weekend when the Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers get their day off. Known colloquially as the “Wan Chai” Sunday, you will also see “freelancers” from almost everywhere in the world, particularly Africa and South-East Asia.

And this means that much like Chunking Mansions, whatever you want you can find in Wan Chai.

Where the Wan Chai Party at?

Most of the best bars, clubs and indeed restaurants fall along the main drag of Lockhart Road, with the MTR having an exit directly here.

Things have seemingly changed a lot since Covid-19 with Many of the old girly bars having been vaned into fancy restaurants. There are though still some truly iconic bars still open such as the Queen Victoria among others. I will go all out on a guide here later.

Food wise there are two fairly famous kebab/shawarma restaurants that while not all that cheap are of a truly high quality.

Wan Chai Street Food

Whether before, during, or after drinking the nexus of eating on Lockheart road comes at the corner where there are er famous street food with intertwined shops that serve some of the best street food in Hong Kong.

And despite only being relatively small takeaway joints there is truly a rich array of foods. This of course includes staples like fried rice and Hong Kong style fried noodles, but is the fried BBQ with spice, mustard, or curry sauce that people come for.

How to eat Wan Chai Street food

This is where the fun experience comes in. Most of the meat, seafood, sausages and fish balls comes ready made and on a stick. You select exactly what it is that you want and the chef prepares it double quick, as there is usually a que.

Things also get very Hong Kong here with locals getting served first, foreigners second and anyone speaking Mandarin gets ignored. Service is very much without a smile, as is the Hong Kong way.

Once ready you pick your sauces, which include Hong Kong mustard and curry sauce before finding somewhere to eat. I have personally tried pretty much everything here, but the dishes that keep me coming back are the deer fried fish backs and the sausages with mustard.

Next stop is one of the doggiest 7-Elevens, not just in Hong Kong, but perhaps the world. Yes food is sold here, but fir all intents this us a 24 hour liquor store for the party people of Wan Chai.

After getting your booze you then head directly opposite to the stairs connecting to the overpass. As the night goes on there is less foot traffic which makes this, aside from the smell of urine the perfect dining spot. Here you and friends can eat your Wan Chai street food, do some serious 7-Eleven pub crawl pre-drinking and more often than not getting propositioned by a working lady from some exotic third world nation.

We never said Wan Chai was classy, but it is awfully fun….