Best Curry at Chunking Mansions

Best Curry at Chunking Mansions

While most every country has curry, getting a good is not ways that easy. There are though a few exceptions to this, such as India, Brick Lane in London, and Chunking Mansions. So, here is the best curry at Chunking mansions, and what is this place?

I will give Chunking minions its own article at some point, but this is the biggest ethnic melting pot in Hong King, with South Asians, Africans and a whole heap of others doing good and bad business. Yes Chunking Minions is dodgy as hell, but it also offers great restaurants, as well as street food.

It is also a bit of little India, with lots of Indian businessmen, street food and curry houses. Oh and in the interests of links, they all have an Ethiopian restaurant.

Best Curry at Chunking Mansions

While he ground floor of Chunking Mansions is where all the street food and snack food is, it is up the stairs and on the 1st floor (rather than ground) where all the best restaurants are.

Theres a whole heap of Curry Houses, but also a few really good kebab/places as well. Food here is not cheap by say Cambodian standards, but you get great deals here compared to the rest pg Hong Kong, which is expensive by default.

Most of the restaurants are on the outer layer of shops, with quality truly varying, particularly with the outside ones.

The Best Curry Restaurant at Chinking Mansions

This honor in my mind goes to Swagat Indian Restaurant, which is to the left when you go up the stairs to the first/second floor (they do ground floor in Hong Kong).

I have actually been coming here for years, particularly when I was living on Lamma Island, when I would come here with a dearly departed friend.

What make thus place so great? Firstly the menu here is far from eclectic and while having a decent range is not overbearing. They have all the classics, but being Indian can also do something off menu.

One of the other best things here though is the fact that as it is run by and frequented by Indians it serves actual Indian food, with actual Indian spice. I personally went for and usually go for the vindaloo, yesterday taking shrimp, which amazingly was filled with shrimp. That might not sound like much to ask, but so many times I have ordered such a dish and it has been almost devoid of the meat element. The dish cost about $15

And I asked for it extra spicy and that is what I got. Aside from this they have all the great appetizers, as well as truly great nan bread that melts rather than being dry as fuck!

They also take credit cards here, which includes American Express, again this is not something I should get excited about, but after coming from Cambodia I am easily pleased…..

So, if you are looking for the best curry at Chunking Mansions, this is my two cents worth.