Best Cambodian Taxi Apps in 2024

Best Cambodian Taxi Apps

What are the best Cambodian Taxi apps and ride hailing apps?e Well the good news is that the taxi app scene is extremely vibrant and there are a few options, even if there is no Uber.

Much like other countries such as Vietnam, there are a few decent international players, but also at least one that is fixed to the domestic market.

What is the best Cambodian Taxi App?

TH best Cambodian taxi app by far is the regionally renowned GrabTaxi. Well known throughout the region this Singaporean company has been successful at driving away the EvilCorp that is Uber.

Famously they do food delivery and the like, but lets concentrate on the ride hailing element. The prices are very reasonable, they have TukTuk’s. The larger old school TukTuk’s, as well as a large array of cars tat actually do not cost that much more than a TukTuk.

Generally speaking it is available in most parts of the country, but that does not at all mean everywhere. What I like most about Grab Taxi though is that I can register my card with them, and then use tis same card and app when I am in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and beyond.

Tada – The Green Cambodian Taxi App

When Tada first launched they offered a greta free promotion to get customers, which worked on me at least – for a while. Another company that allow you to register your card and are not only cheaper than Grab, but more “green”.

Alas Cambodians at least are not all that bothered about green things, which means Tada is available in less of the country and even in Phnom Penh has less drivers. Sadly they have also failed in places like Vietnam, so are not that international, at least yet.

The most widely known – PassApp

Of all the available apps PassApp is the only indigenous one to Cambodia and as such is aimed much more at helping Cambodians. This means that it is generally cash payments, with many Cambodians still being backless.

It is also unique in that you can hail a cab and then tell it where to go. You then pay what you are told when you arrive. Again generally the cheapest of all the apps, and they arrived in places like Sihanoukville way before Grab ever arrived.

They are still now the mostly widely represented ride hailing application within the Kingdom of Cambodia!