My name is Gareth Johnson and I am the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, Lets Buy An Island, Angkor City Football ClubM, as well as a whole heap of other companies. For many moons I have known that I love Street Food, Street Drinks, as well as obviously travel. Within these genres there are also many other sub-genres of things I either love or obsessed with. IN 2018 I started Street Food Guy, which became a huge online personal for me. Success followed, but also so did Covid, which led to me to throw in a Street Food towel, or at least sell out……Well I am now back and frirml;y with the intention of growing The Street Food Guy back to its former level of fame and glory. The only change this time is that it will also be accompanied by regular videos, as well as my antics on TikTok.Quite honestly what could go wrong?