The REAL Street Food Guy

Street Food Guy

You may well have noticed that there are now two Street Food Guy websites, one older and one newer, both of which have my name. This has caused some confusion, so I have decided to clear that up a bit.

The OG Street Food Guy website

I originally started with, before moving to StreetFoodGuy Dot Com, which was available and a baller name.

I then spent three years building up the site and the SEO, with Covid and living in Cambodia proving great time stop write. Then out of the blue I received and email asking if I wanted to sell, I did not. They asked if I had any other sites so I mentioned Street Food Guy.

I named my price, it kept getting snatched and I kept raising it until I received an offer I could not refuse. Sadly with this being covid times I needed the money, BUT I instantly regretted it too.

The New Street Food Guy

After selling I brought a whole heap of domains, many now sold with the idea to branch out into more than just street food, with as well as being particular favorites.

I also though purchased just in case. Well after a mere year of procrastination I finally decided that seeing as my social media was still Street Food Guy, including my TikTok and YouTube, it was impossible to simply walk away…..

Therefore I am now back on this site as The (Real) Street Food Guy

And the other site?

It still has my writing and indeed my name on it and I hold no ill will to the people that purchased it, but it is essentially now just a vehicle for sponsored posts and adds, rather than the eats, drinks and travels of me Gareth Johnson.

So, that is why there are two sites and indeed two different personas. There is though only one Street Food Guy and I now even have a new logo……