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Best cocktails in Manila at Manila Hotel

Best cocktails in Manila

When I say the best of anything I take it very seriously, therefore for me to decree somewhere as having the best cocktails in Manila, I truly mean it.

And the best cocktails in Manila are by far at the Manila Hotel. What though is it that makes them so good? Well it starts with ambience, has the perfect glasses and finishes with fine mixology.

What the Manila Hotel?

Originally opened in 1907 this old colonial building is the very spectacle of opulence being reminiscent of Raffles in Singapore. Yes it might not exactly be a Hilton, but it is not trying to be, it is doing its own thing.

Yet while it is very posh a room here is not all that crazy a price, with me seeing rooms listed for as little as $120 a night. OK, so this is not Manila Lotus Garden, but good value for where it exists.

Manila Hotel Address:

1 Rizal Park, Ermita, Manila, 0913 Metro Manila, Philippines

Essentially located on the corner of the Smokey Mountain Slums – a point I make as being one of the extremes of the Philippines. It is though quite safe, as the security attests to.

The Best Cocktails in Manila

OK, so I have previously written an article about the Manila Hotel having the best cocktails in Manila. Now while I still believe this to be true, I do sadly have to say standards had slipped the last time I was there.

Firstly I will start with the good about things. Cocktails here cost just $5-7, which when you consider the atmosphere and ambiance already make this a steal. It is tough range and indeed how they are made that tips the balance.

The lost here its huge and includes many favorites such as a Ngroni, Old Fashioned, Amaretto Sour, and of course real classic like frozen Margherita. These always come out excellent, but more importantly in the right glass. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a bar serving cocktails in the right glass, least of all every time.

Alas this was broken with my order of Moscow Mule which came in a glass rather than a putter steel mug this year. I have learnt to forgive though, particularly due to the quality of the Margaritas and my Amaretto Sour.

To top this off they also offer a number of in-house drinks that while mostly sweet, or chocolate like are again fit for the moment.

Food with the best cocktails in Manila?

Amazingly the food here is not all that expensive either, particularly when compared to other high end hotels. The menu itself is much simpler than the cocktail list, being short and to the point.

Mostly it is western food, with all the regular starters you would expect in the Philippines, such as spring roles, as well as slightly more artisan soups. The main courses here are mainly of the snack k variety, as this is not the same as the “deluxe restaurant” with the wraps, as well aa pasta dishes going down well with the group. Again with prices being around the $7-15 mark its priced well enough stay here rather than only having drinks and leaving.

And to top it all off they even gave a free piece of cake for one of the guests whose birthday it was.

Thus with such high quality food, drinks and cocktails your buzz is then only improved by the great service, as well as the ambiance. Usually there is a classical band, or piano player while the fabulously dressed staff serve you with ease. This almost makes the best cocktails in Manila just a mere bonus.

And to think the neighbors are eating Pag Pag.