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Manila Lotus Garden Hotel – The Best in Ermita

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Ermita then I decree the Manila Lotus Garden Hotel the best of what is really a piss poor bunch.

What is it though that makes the Manila Lotus Garden Hotel so good? Well it is probably that after so many years of using them for tours they are simply used to us.

What the Manila Lotus Garden Hotel

It is located in the party district of Manila known as Ermita. Ermita might not be what is once was, but it still packs a punch for bars such as Dusk Till Dawn and LA Cafe.

This means that most of the hotels are around the 4 star mark, are guest friendly and open 24 hours. The Manila Lotus Garden has rooms from about $30-60 depending win size, although even the biggest could not be described as villas….

Manila Lotus Garden Hotel Address;

Facilities of the Manila Lotus Garden Hotel

There is amazingly a swimming pool on the ground floor of the hotel, but size wise it is little more than a paddling pool. There is though a great restaurant type area that serves food and drink, as well as the buffet breakfast.

The breakfast here is far from amazing, but it does very much do the job. And yes two breakfasts come as default.

Location, location, location

Location is perhaps the winning part of this hotel, with it being close to great bars Makati, the airport and the road to Angeles City and San Fernando.

There is also a fair bit around the hotel, which includes 7-11, as well as Smorgasbord Bar, a great place for nightlife that is quite literally opposite the hotel (as well as Jolibee).

And to top it all off there is a safe in the room and a mall nearby for buying gifts….