Best Craft Beer in Phnom Penh at Botanico

Botanico Beer and Wine Garden

Botancio Wine and Beer Garden has long been mainstay of greta craft beer in Phnom Penh, are they holding up the quality since moving to their new premises though. Well all signs point to yes!

It had actually been a while since I had eaten, or drank in Botanico, not for any bad reason you understand, but merely because I don’t hang out that way much now.

Well, free stuff can twist anyones mind and that is exactly what happened with me. After attending a great InterNatiosn event Java Creative Cafe I was gifted a free $10 voucher for Botanico. My design had been made!

Where is Botanico Wine and Beer Garden

Not too far from the riverside and pretty much directly next to the big park that has the independence monument and the big statue of King Sihanouk. This means close enough, but far enough away from Street 172 and 136….

Botanico Wine and Beer Garden Address;


Street 29,

Phnom Penh

You can check their FB page here.

The Botanico Beer and Wine Garden vibe

There is an indoor area where people sit on laptops and the like, but you quite literally come here for the beer garden, which has ambience coming out of the wazoo.

The harden is beautiful, there’s plants, theres fish and the servers seem to not just care, but know what they are doing. I’m not usually into day drinking, but this is the kind of place where you almost cannot avoid it…

And the drinks at Botanico

So, they have a bunch of beers on tap to for any taste or preference, such as IPA\s, a chocolate stout, some lagers and everything else in between. They also regularly change the beers that are kept there, so if you are a regular, there is always something new and interesting to wet your beak with.

And there’s also a really good selection of bottles from around the globe if that’s what tickles your fancy.

And the top tip? They do small beer tasters with 3 small glasses of beer costing $4 and 5 costing $6, so that you cab be sophisticated and try lots of beers, or like me simply neck them…..

Botanico Beer TikTok:

I was not there for wine, but again the wine list was pretty good and also affordable with a glass of red, or white being as little as $2 a go.

What’s the food like at Botanico?

The menu looks cool, as in the actual menu is done in cool way, but the actual contents of it are also pretty damned good. What I like most about it is that it is not full of everything, but is relatively small and simple.

The appetizers here are epic and obviously designed for drinkers, with lots of meat, cheese and even a Kampot pepper pate, which also I di don’t get around to try. They also smartly recommend what food goes with what wine, which I feel is a nice touch.

The mains again are not crazy eclectic, but consists of salads, burgers, fish and chips, well priced steak and other bits and bobs. We went for wraps and fish and chips, which did the job.

The Botanico Conclusion

Probably the best craft beer in Phnom Penh, or at worst in the top 5. Fabulous ambiance and food that you cannot critique.

For whatever reason I don’t find this a night time drinking place, but more a place for fay beers, which to be fair is not necessarily all that much bad a bad thing at all.

Street food Guy Gives 7/5/10 overall….