Best Pho in Saigon – District 1

Best Pho in Saigon - District 1

Now when I say the best pho in Saigon, I will add that I am not saying the best pho in Ho Chi Ming City, but merely district 1 in the city.

So, Ho Chi Ming City, or Saigon? Usually Ho Chi Minh City, or HCMC is what the larger city is called, while Saigon is used to refer to main party area of District 1. HCMC was previously known as Saigon before the fall of the Republic of Vietnam and the unification of the country under communist rule.

What The Best Pho in Saigon?

Located on the main corner of the grimy area where all the girly bars are, as well as the link to main walking street this restaurant is all about the location. For me personally it is also quite literally next to the Hoang Phi Hotel. This is not only where the bus from Cambodia stops, but also the best value/location hotel in district 1.

Despite covering a relatively small floor space some outside area has been reclaimed and there are actually 3 floors serviced by the spiral rickety stairs.

Famously open 24/7 this place draws the crowds in part for its fabulous quality, but also being slap bang in the right place at the right time.

Best Pho in District 1 address;

What should you get at the best pho in Saigon restaurant?

Would you guess it but we suggest getting pho at the best pho restaurant in Saigon! But of course there is always more to it than just that, with there literally being pages and pages of different offerings on the relatively big menu.

Of these I can personally big up the following;

Tho Thap Cam Db – This huge bowl is just over $3, but is more than enough to feed three, or more, particularly when combined with other dishes. Rare beef, meatballs, tendon, brisket and as much spice as you want to add make this very special.

This was topped up with a Vietnamese beef stew, whose local name I did not take down, as well as some fried eggs served with bread that really epitomize just how much Vietnamese and French food has been fused.

And the overall Pho Quynh Vibe?

Food like pho is now popular and available throughout the world with some foreign variations being actually pretty good. What though makes this the best Pho in Saigon though is not just the rich menu and quality, but also the kick ass vibe.

Said vibe is created by the fabulous location of the place that throws some of the most unlikely and often drunk people together all looking for a late night nosh. This expectedly leads to the weird rearing their strange heads. One time I walked past here and saw a lady coddling what I assumed was a baby. Turned out that it was a monkey – you truly can’t make these things up.

It is also on the corner of the girly bar street, which might like in Hua Hin means that sitting here gives you the ability to “people watch” who goes home with who! There truly is nowt as queer as folk!

So, if you find yourself round and about this street and need food or simply want a drink and some people watching then get yourself the best pho in Saigon at Pho Quynh Restaurant.

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