Street Food Hua Hin in 2024

Street Food Hua Hin

A few months ago I visited Hua Hin for the first time. Initially I viewed it as a bit a retirement home with a lack of s street food Hua Hin scene. I am pleased to say that on second look there might be a bit more to the city than I initially thought.

So, Hua Hin? Officially part of the Thai Riviera it is also home to a walking street comparable to say Pattaya in style, but not in quality of women. There is also the nicer scene to here too, which is older couples, golf and decent restaurants.

You can read my guide too hanging in Hua Hin here.

It is though 3 hours drive from Bangkok, or 4 hours if you want to take the train, which is something I personally really enjoy doing in Thailand.

Eating and drinking in Hua Hin

Theres the main drag which is on, or near the beach and walking street which has a higher end of restaurant, such as the weirdly placed Sweden Restaurant – which of course had meatballs in it.

Other joys were Father Teds Irish bar and restaurant, which of course reminded me of TedFest, as well as Kokomos where the group pretty much drank every night.

Street Food Hua Hin

Hua Hin is mostly famous for its beaches, but if you come just for this you will be disappointed. That being said I did eat a raw egg here, as well as watch people ride horseys.

During the day at least there are a few vendors selling seafood noodles and the like that are pretty good, but a but lacking to be called a street food scene.

Aside from this and in the main stretch at least there are a few Thai style restaurants which have a more street food type vibe, but overall most of the food in Hua Hin is aimed at westerners at least until the early hours. At this time food carts will come on on walking street, with Thai BBQ being the main food on offer here.

Hua Hin Food Court

When heading out to get tattoo we spotted a big area that offered pork hot-pot, which had been recorded by our Thai staff. After getting my Groot tattoo we headed over to it to discover that it was a huge outdoor Hua Hin street food/food court Mecca.

This was very Thai in style and offered all manor of cuisines from sushi, to at the aforementioned pork pork hot-pot, which we got to cook at our tables. This was duly combined with things like papaya salad and all manor of other snacks which came to around $20 for 6 of us, as opposed to the $20 a person we had been spending in the main drag.

And there were drinks, with small kiosks selling not just beer, but also in a very Thai way also Thai whisky. Thai’s and now me love Thai whisky.

So, overall a great save for the Hua Hin street food scene and another factor that truly opened my eyes to why this place is said to be the 3rd best in them world to retire in (I need to examine this list).

On the surface it looks a bit like a retirement village, or a knackers yard for working girls, but in actuality there is a lot more to not just the town, but the whole area in general. Id certainly consider living here, particularly now that I know that there is a firm street food Hua Hin scene.

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