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Best Travel Website in Cambodia

An exiting new travel portal aimed at tourists and expats alike has been launched, with Cambodia Lifestyle already being dubbed the best website in Cambodia.

What exactly is it though, who is behind and it and what exactly does it offer? Here’s our guide.

When was Cambodia Lifestyle launched?

The websites, which can be seen here was initially launched in late 2023, in part as a continuation of Khmer Nights, of which some content was transferred.

Since then it had largely been in Beta as content was added and the site plan was fleshed out. On Friday 29th June its official launch was announced in a joint event held with Internations.

What services does Cambodia Lifestyle offer?

Essentially it works as a tourist, travel, events and lifestyle guide for Cambodia. This includes information on things as simple as where to eat, drink and stay onto more intricate things such as specific travel information for throughout the Kingdom.

It also seems to act as a an up to date news portal related to what is going on within Cambodia, which includes not just up to date news articles, but also a full events section.

This is in stark contrast to other publications within Cambodia, such as Khmer Times, or the Phnom Penh Post (link) who have extremely limited lifestyle sections to their print and online media.

Who is behind Cambodia Lifestyle?

They list a number of authors who are well known among the expat writing seen, including Tom Starkey and Gareth Johnson at the helm. Both of them have written for Khmer Nights, Cambodia Investment Review, as well as other publications.

The team are also all expats that have spent a considerable amount of time within Cambodia.

The best travel website in Cambodia?

Whilst it is very early days for the site the sheer depth of information available, as well as the regularity of up to date articles has led many to dub it the best travel website in Cambodia.

Specific features that have helped in this regard is an interactive map, the first of its kind within the country which has listings for quite literally every province within the nation. This is in stark contrast to not just other travel websites, but also others media who focus almost entirely on Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

According to Cambodia Lifestyle this was indeed a deliberate move with future plans to help develop tourism throughout the Kingdom, rather than solely in the hotspots. And they have not just written about these lesser seen places, but as their videos attest to have actually visited them.

Cambodia Lifestyle’s Social Media

You cannot have the best travel website in Cambodia without a decently managed social media presence, which is exactly what they have. Currently their Facebook has ballooned to almost 3,000 followers in quick time, while their TikTok channel is also somewhat unique.

This involves founder Tom Starkey as he travels around throughout Cambodia, more often than not with a comical twist to things. It also though offers tangible advice related to traveling around the country.

Best travel websites in Cambodia?

It is for these reasons that we have christened Cambodia Lifestyle as the best one stop travel shop for Cambodia, but there are other more specific sites and apps that one should bet before traveling here.

These include things such as Grab and, as well as local banking apps such as Wing. Other apps such as Telegram are also essential here, although Cambodia did just announce the launching of their own chat app.