More foreigners getting arrested in Thailand

foreigners getting arrested in Thailand

Currently there are more foreigners getting arrested in Thailand than ever before, and not just that, but most seem to be for fairly trivial things. Thus this raises the question, is Thailand still safe for expats.

I raise this subject after Thailand just announced its new Digital Nomad program. Not only is that program not all that good, but news coming out of the Kingdom suggest it is no longer that friendly towards foreigners.

More foreigners getting arrested for work visa violations


OK, so I will start by caveating some things here. Firstly if foreigners, particularly the loud mouthed “influencers” like Tom Birchy and Tommy Velvet get arrested for drugs, or violence I am cool with that. The same applies for those committing real crimes or worse still beg packing. Even in this genre though I take some umbrage when it is a group of Thai doormen beating up a foreigner, who is then arrested for his trouble.

Which moves us on to people getting arrested for lack of a work visa. Most of these people have been doing very negus jobs, like job instructors, or renting out motorbikes, not performing key hole surgery. Yes I know it is still technically illegal, but the reality is that this goes on in tourist places. What is happening right now should be called what it is and that is shakedown.

Foreigners arrested in Thailand for over freedom of speech

This is a rule that no doubt the woke will read and say I am being cultural insensitive, but Thai rules around defamation, wearing Buddhist symbols, as well as talking about the Royals are insane.

I will avoid giving too many examples here, but for context a number of people have been arrested this year and fined for leaving bad Trip Advisor reviews. This dictatorial move should truly scare anyone thinking of going to Thailand for an extended period of time.

Why do people keep falling off of balcony’s in Thailand

I will again majorly caveat this because I do visit Bangkok, Hua Hin and beyond regularly. For whatever reason people keep falling off balconies and dying. Now of course this has always happened as people get drunk and act like idiots. This year though it is happening a heck of a lot more.

Now while no one can say that this is deliberate, or there are balcony murderers on the prowl, it is still more than a bit worrying.

The influencers in Thailand are going to natively impact expats

As things stand there are a huge number of social media influencers, sadly mostly from the UK who are about to destroy the reputations of normal foreigners in Thailand.

As things currently stand it will take the smallest of sparks to get them arrested which will lead to arrests and local backlash against expats. This will most likely see more raids on foreigners, more hatred and life getting worse for those there.

Tye Digital Nomad visa is not that good

And lastly the Thai Digital Nomad visa is not only expensive, but it is not all that good. Essentially it is a way for Thailand to try and entice more foreigners to live in the Kingdom, while simultaneously not really wanting them there.

It should well be noted that he rule has come in alongside one of taxation. This has varying degrees of influence but for all intents means 5-20% tax depending on how much you on earn on your GLOBAL income, not what you earn in Thailand. Yes some might say this is in line with other countries, but I wonder how much actual respect will be given over dual taxation and the like.

All things considered you’d be better just moving to Cambodia getting a work visa and merely taking the odd vacation to Thailand.