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Can you drink Kava in Nauru?

Kava in Nauru

Can you drink Kava in Nauru? Yes you can and at at least two Kava Bars, which are both entertaining in their own ways.

And what is kava you ask? A drink in the Pacific Islands particularly popular in Vanuatu that while it might taste like dirt gives you a high. Don’t fret, crack it is not, but a craic it is.

The Bar Scene in Nauru

There are 4 bars in Nauru that we traditionally cover as part of our Nauru pub crawl, but I shit you not 3 had no booze or were closed this year. Kudos to Bayview Restaurant next to Anibare, still the best booze in Nauru.

On holidays and Sundays one usually has to resort to the black market to het ones fix….

Now though at least there are apparently two Kava bars on the scene, one of which does offer beer too.

Kava in Nauru

Much like everything else in Nauru kava has to be imported, which has meant they have developed their own version of the kava scene. Thankfully and unlike Vanuatu this does mean having a virgin boy chew the root for you, nor measuring in shells.

You buy it by the bottle for $2 AUD and you drink as much as your stomach can take. I personally managed a whole bottle, washed down with water for kava is extremely putrid. Did I get high? Yeah a little bit, but again crack this is not.

Rolling with the LGTBQ+ kids

We personally headed to yellow bar, which far from any political meaning gets its name from the fact the lights are yellow. I am told the other bar is called the green bar for similar reasons.

Here we were treated tp just to a very welcome reception, but also to karaoke, Fromm our hosts, us and then a duet that can be enjoyed below.

The place was extremely fun, but also doubled up as haven for the community in what is a traditional Christian republic. Younger minds in general at least of course have different views, but development and openness come with time.

For now though they have Yellow Bar, while even us tourists have a place to enjoy kava and karaoke in Nauru.