Gareth Johnson and Nauru Appoint Dave Kitson as manager

Whilst this is obviously my street food channel, to is also a place where I talk a bit about my other projects. This is now particularly apt as both I and Nauru appoint Dave Kitson as manager of Nauru.

This brings up a few questions, such as how do I get permission to appoint him as manager and how do I know Dave Kitson?

Gareth Johnson and Nauru

I first let tours to Nauru as part of the Least Visited Countries tour of YPT which included Nauru. This got me very interested in this very interesting country with me thinking of the multiple possibilities it had.

Later on we just so happened to get contacted by Paul Watson who had launched soccer in Micronesia and was at the time involved in CONIFA. YPT ended up sponsoring the body and me and Paul started talking about soccer in Nauru.

Well it only took 4 years, after drinking some Kava I met up with Kz Cain and we shook on the deal that set up the Nauru Soccer Federation.

So, what about Dave Kitson?

 Dave Kitson

Me and Dave Kitson

After he started following me on Instagram we ended up striking up a friendship base around our common interest in travel. During this period he did a Podcast with us and we started talking about our Nauru project.

Alas it took a lot of years, but now things have moved we have now been given the possibility to appoint a coach in Charlie Pomroy and now Dave’s Kitson as national manager.

 Dave Kitson

Dave Kitson as manager – what next?

The plan for us in the short term is to sell football shirts for Nauru, raising money and then sending a coaching team out in July of this year. We will then run a one month training camp which will ideally have us ready for our first match.

Said match will either be against Kiribati, or American Samoa stars of the movie “Next Goal Wins”. Long term though? OFC membership, FIFA membership and who knows? Maybe even winning the World Cup one day…..