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Best Western Causeway Bay

One of the mots iconic hotels in Hong Kong and and an ever popular destination for people simply passing through, or seeking a jolly in the area the Best Western Causeway Bay is an institution!

And while Causeway Bay does not have all that much going for it, it is central on the MTR easy to get to and within walking distance of one of the greatest parties in Hong Kong, Wan Chai Sunday.

What the Best Western Causeway Bay

While Best Westerns are usually kinda good and big hotels the housing landscape of Hong Kong means that there is scant real estate and everything exists in a tower block. This means everything from peoples houses to hotels are a wee bit smaller.

The Best Western Hotel by and large has smaller rooms, although there are rooftop rooms that are a little bigger and even have their own small swimming pool. I once randomly got upgraded to one of these rooms, but alas it was a night I was flying solo.

To get Ito the hotel you go through their huge ground floor level that is empty bar one car and a security guard to take a lift to the third floor. This is where you find checkin. The service here is classically rude, bit that is a Hong Kong rather than a Best Western thing. Although the Best Western, as I have also seen in Ermita is no Hilton. its be honest the Best Western is the equivalent of Premium Economy when you fly….

Best Western Causeway Bay Address;

Cheung Woo Ln, Wan Chai

Which MTR exit should you take for the Best Western Causeway Bay? If you are staying at the Best Western Causeway Bay take exit A1 into times square. You then cross at the bus stop under the underpass head left and the last right at the end of the road. Overall this is little more than a 4 minute walk.

Should you prove to be lucky you might even get accosted by a ladyboy outside of the hotel when you arrive!

Should you stay at the Best Western Causeway Bay?

I always stay here as it is close enough to Chunking Mansions, my bank on TST, but also the ferries from Central to Lamma Island.

And it is walking distance from not just the bars of Wan Chai, but also the truly A1 Street Food. I also lived here back in 2020 right at the kickoff of what we now call Covid-19. I quarantined, but if I am honest I am pretty sure I was a super spreader before I headed to Cambodia in search of the Khmer Rouge.