#ColaQuest Est Cola – That Knockoff Pepsi

Est Cola

It was actually about 4 years ago that i discovered Est Cola and it was in Shenzhen. I purchased said cola from my local quickly mart and did an article on it. I had noted its similarity to Pepsi both in look and flavour, but it was the story that blew my mind,

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The Story of Est Cola Drink

Est which looks like a bunch of funny letters when sold in Thailand is from what I can gather the third Cola in Thailand just above Big Cola and just below the bug two of Coke and Pepsi.

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The story though is quite amusing Sermsuk Public Company started to make Pepsi under linens from about 1952 and things were good. Then in 2012 things were bad. It is not cleat who dropped who, but Semsuk Public Company kept the plant, the colour and the flavour in an ultimate fuck you to PepsiCo.

Please remember PepsiCo are not picky underdogs, but equal asshole corporate giants. Although with Semsuk Public Company they are hardly modern day robin hoods either.

So how does Est Cola rank on #ColaQuest?

Well I am not gonna lie to you it  is basically Pepsi although with a smaller budget le at iaband this available at much less locations. Taste wise it is almost Pepsi, but you can trace at least a tint sting of inferiority in a blind taste test.

#ColaQuest Score 7.5/10 really not bad at all.

Est Cola and friends in 2024

Luckily for me 2023 and even 2024 have given me lots of chances to go back and visit Thailand, not to mention drink more Est Cola. This has led me to learn a few things, Est have now branched off into other soft drinks, such as a #FantaQuest entrant, but you can also get the drink as nature intended, in a glass bottle.

The following is a video of me drinking half a litre in the wonderful retirement home that is Hua Hin.

Est Cola in Hua Hin

Can you mix Est Cola with Liquor

You most certainly can, but to have the most authentic Thai experience then head yourself to Khao San Road and have your cheap bad Thai whisky mixed with Est in a traditional Thai Bucket, like god intended.

Or use it to chase Smirnoff Soju in Hua Hin!

Wanna join me in Bangkok? Come on the Southeast Asian Adventure.