Kinabuchs Bar and Grill

Kinabuchs Bar and Grill, or simply Kinabuchs might not be the best restaurant in Puerto Princesa, but it comes a pretty close damned second and that is A ok in my book.

In case the name seems familiar that is because it is here that we partook in the Tamilok challenge, from our base at Blue Lagoon Inn.

Where is Kinabuchs

Kinabuchs is just 10 minutes walk from the Blue Lagoon Hotel, within walking distance of the airport (which you can hear) and is on the main Puerto Princesa drag of bars and restaurants that covers Roxas Street.

Still no mater where you stay, a blood sucking Triker driver will be able to find Kinabuchs!

Kinabuchs Address;

369, Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

What is the food like at Kinabuchs?

Being a restobar the menu is full of a lot of varied dishes, with there more than just seafood. Of course bing on the sea there are great seafood dishes too.

What I most love about here though is the range of raw fish dishes they have, which include Kinilaw, ceviche and even as I was to lear n last night tuna tataki.

Mins include fish stakes and dishes such as tuna and red snapper, with there also being burgers and beef steak for those not feeling a fishy vibe.

Dessert is far from eclectic, while still offering enough to suit everyone. We personally tried the halo-halo, the fruit plate, the cheesecake and even the Filippino version of the banana fritter – all, bar none were class.

And the Tamilok?

Rightly or wrongly they are perhaps most famous for their tamilok and indeed the tamilok challenge, with said challenge being if you can finish a plate. I took the challenge (link to TSFG) and I guess you could say I “passed” it – although one solider did end up sick for 3 days after (we cannot confirm is this was the reason).

There is though so much more to Kinabuchs than just woodworm! So, as it were come for the slime, stay for the great food…..

And the drinks….

Kinabuchs has a great menu that offers cocktails that are cheaper than in the nightlife of El Nido, as well as standard classics such an gin and tonic. WE never asked what the gain was, but boy did it go down like a treat.

Also have a number of juices, such as calamansi, as well as shakes and the like.

The overall Kinabuchs vibe

A huge area that includes amble room for parking, out door fanned seating, as well as what is essentially a sport bar type area. Again you would be equally happy coming for a drink as well as a meal, with us merely coming for go and desert on our last night.

Service wise the waitresses and waiters are rocked off of their feet, yet they never skimp on giving dish advice, nor even having a joke with customers. Long story, but I totaled a cheesecake and they gave me another…..

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Oh and they have a smoking area in the garden, although it is usually taken up by tourist police on their breaks…

The Kinabucks review

A good steady 7.5/10 – High marks indeed for this restaurant with their being very little too criticize. If I was to pick some things for improvement I would say they often have many menu items not available, perhaps a sign the menu is too large….

And through no fault of their own the wait staff are always a little too busy, but these are very minor points and a visit to Palawan should include a trip to Kinabuchs, regardless of if you want to eat tamilok.

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