Hidden Gems – Port Barton

Things in Palawan

I am always wary about pointing out a hidden gem, or indeed the next big thing, because then everyone knows about it, but Port Barton is pretty special. What is it though that makes it so good?

Port Barton vs El Nido

Located in between Puerto Princesa and El Nido location wise it is easy to get from either. Costs wise it will generally set you back $100, but this can be mitigated if you use public transport.

The difference between the two is that while El Nido has gone through. Construction revolution over the last ten years, Port Barton has not. The later is like the former 10 years ago, yet still offers many of the same things.

Where to sleep in Port Barton

Port Barton despite being like an old sleepy seaside town still offers a lot of sleeping options. These range from hotels, to guesthouses, resorts (in Filippino style), as well as dorm beds in hostels.

For me I found the Summer Beach Resort to not only be the best bang for your buck, but also a real focal point for tourists via their seafront restaurant. They also offer massages and are actually on the beach, not something all beach resorts in the Philippines offer.

What is there to do in Port Barton Palawan

They have very good island hopping although it is currently more expensive than in El Nido, one black mark. They also though have beautiful untouched beaches that are not nearly as busy and dirty as either Coron, or El Nido.

This gives it and overall sleepy vibe where the question is less about what you do, but more about how you personally deal with being on island paradise. This is something I am personally trying to work out for my own island.

Port Barton Nightlife

You cannot compare the nightlife of Port Barton with the El Nido nightlife but this is actually a really good thong. Overall the crown in Port Barton is slightly older and less hipster like…..

That is not to say there is no nightlife here, with the beachfront offering numerous bars, happy hours and of course karaoke!

And Sunrise beach Resort itself offers food, beers and a whole heap more!

Eating in Port Barton

There are a plethora of restaurants leading down to the beach and on the main high street of Port Barton, as well as restaurants along he waterfront. Again this cannot be compared to the El Nido restaurants (link to TSFG) and you will not get international cuisine.

You will tough find Filipino street food, with the Port Barton street food scene being classic local BBQ.

Restaurants are also predominantly local in outlook, with dishes being centered around the beautiful seafood of the area. We personally had BBQ pork, chicken, squid and lapu-lapu, a fine local white fish.

The facilities in Port Barton

As a small seaside town these are both unimpressive and enough to keep you happy while you are here. There are two ATM’s, which are obviously very useful, as well as a pharmacy, with that pretty much being everything – there are not even tourist price here.

The main street also offers number of sari-sari stores that sell all the main food and booze groups, such as the legend that is Tanduay Rum, not to mention “wife beater” AKA Red Horse beer.

So, overall? There are huge plans to turn this into the next big place, with there already having been an airport built. This means it is not just my predication that this will not remind unknown for long, but official policy.

Therefore now is the time to visit Port Barton.