Best Bar in Walking Street Hua Hin – Kokomos


If you happen to find yourself in Hua Hin on the Thai riviera then you will more than likely fond yourself on Walking Street. If this so happens to be the case then the best bar is without doubt Kokomos.

Why is it the best bar, well we have a few reasons, which we shall detail later, but mostly because the lions share of bars there suck balls.

Walking Street Hua Hin

As with other walking streets in places like Angeles City most of the bars here are girly bars set up for ladies practicing the worlds oldest profession to get pimped out by men practicing the worlds second oldest profession.

Yet while places like Sri Cowboy and Fields Avenue, or Street 136 attract pretty ladies, Hua Hin Walking Street does not so much. In fact it more resembles a knackers yard for hookers, serviced by pretty old blokes.

In fact the whole of Hua Hin Resembles a retirement home, which led us to Kokomos Hua Hin. In the words of YPT’s, Rowan “I need an easy place where we can play our own music.

Where is Kokomos Hua Hin?

Actually located off of a side street from Walking Street, but also among all the action within the Hua Hin nightlife.

And that is as close to an address as I can give, other than opposite Pink Bar, as it is still a new place.

What’s the Kokomo Hua Hin Vibe?

Tissue owner Daryl is an easy to approach older guy who seems to enjoy drinking with punters he likes, which we fit into. The place is small and not often that busy, but is one of the few places to offer karaoke, something we really took advantage of.

Drinks wise he is ably aided by his girlfriend who tends bar and has an excellent cocktail knowledge. He met her after seeing her do the Birdie Dance on YouTube during Covid. I can confirm here Long Island Iced Teas to be not only good, but lethal.

And if you drop cash in there like we did then the owners throw shots around like confetti, always a good customer service move that more bars should do.

Best of all at least for the time being is that you get no freelancers jostling you for drinks and more. This may change one day as it seems this is the reason most men come to Hua Hin, but for now at least this bar is a bit of a haven from things.

And that is what makes Kokomos the best bar in Hua Hin, for the time being at least.