Larrys Bar Street 110

Larrys Bar Phnom Penh

Larrys Bar on Street 110 is perhaps one of the most classy and indeed expensive bars along the riverside in Phnom Penh, although when you consider the competition, that is not such a brag.

The bar though does offer excellent staff, high quality food, great air conditioning and a smoke free environment both at the bar and before 5 pm.

Where the Larry Bar?

It is located on Street 110, right next to Onederz, as well as the Knife shop and what was formerly the best Ukrainian restaurant in town, Jungle Cat. Sadly that went the way of Donetsk – well not exactly, with it now being a fairly bad sandwich shop.

Larrys Bar Address;

22-24 Ground Floor,

Preah Ang Duong St.


Phnom Penh

Kingdom of Cambodia

It has quite a large outdoor area and is usually full of people. It is noticeable as being the only place that is not a girly bar on the street, save the corner bar of the corner of the Riverside.

Food and drink at Larrys Bar and Grill

The drinks here are pretty standard as you would expect, but much like The Big Easy the fact that they charge a little bit more for them ensures a decent crowd devoid of the deviants that lurk around this area. For whatever reason this is a popular bar for the journalists of Phnom Penh.

Food wise the menu is pretty epic, as well as being a meat lovers dream. There are lots of breakfast options, as well as well priced steaks and my own weapon on choice here, the mixed grill for $14. This comes with a steak, pork chop, bacon, sausage and mashed potato. Alas it is topped up with far far too much greenery.

So, if you are looking for somewhere to hassle free by the riverside, you can go worse than Larry’s.

The best mixed grill in Phnom Penh? Maybe, maybe not, but certainly the best grilled by the riverside.