What is Vimto drink? The Great British soft-drink 2022

What is Vimto drink

What is Vimto? Vimto is an English soft-drink first produced in 1908 in Manchester, England, Originally served in concentrate, it is now more commonly served as a carbonated beverage.

It is also a HUGE deal in the Middle-East a former favourite of Temperance Bars, as well as being very very British.

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What is the history of Vimto?

Ut was first produced in 1908 in Manchester in what can be considered the golden era of sift-drinks, in that anyone could invent one and say it was medicinal. Yes Coca-Cola we are looking at you.

Originally sold as Vim Tonic, tonic being synonymous with “good for you”.In fact it was even originally listed as a medicine, before changing to Vimto in 1912 and resisting as a cordial.

We will cover the cordial world at a later date, but long story short it is concentrate mixed with water to make a sexy drink.

Here it became popular in Temperance Bars, which are bars that do not serve alcohol. Sound crazy? Well a few of these places still exist and as cooky as they may seem they were ground breakers for some of the best soft-drinks of the UK.

Since then the company grew, changed hands a bunch of times, got huge in the Middle-East, but has remained a British institution.

For a while the mascot was Purple Ronnie, who was accompanied by slightly rune poems. In 2005 both were dropped as we entered the PC era, but Vimto has limped on, now even being available in Cambodia!

What flavour is Vimto Drink?

Officially it is one of those drinks with a bunch of herbs and spices and a “secret recipe” like KFC. To me it is a blackcurrant soda, but it also apparently also contains raspberries and even grapes.

Therefore we’d classify it into #Blackcurrantsodaquest from where it would have literally zero competition.

In the UK at least it is still also available in concentrate and I remember as a kid drinking Vimto with hot water. Probably a lot better than it sounds, but concentrate and cordial us a bigger deal in the UK than other countries.

Vimto in the Middle-East

When I was in Sudan U was shocked to not only see Vimto, but that it was highly popular. I assumed this was a part of it being formally a British colony, which was partly right.

Essentially Vimto spread into these countries through British influence way before Coke even had a chance. It has in fact been a favourite for 80 years, and has b become ingrained in the local culture. Many Arab friends have since confirmed this to me, stating how integral it was during things like Ede, and how parents would serve various versions to kids growing up.

Things were though mostly helped when Coke started selling the real thing in Israel, while Vimto did not. This led to the Arab world boycotting Coke and loving the Vimto drink even further.

Ans I shit you not you can even buy Vimto in Bir Tawil!!!!! Don’t know about Bir Tawil? Well strap yourself in and check below.

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Coke is now not boycotted and is very much an institution again, but Vimto remains very much part of the culture of the Arabian peninsula.

Can you get Vimto in Cambodia?

Apparently you can get Vimto in a whole heap of other countries, with it being manufactured in Saudi Arabia and even the Gambia and Senegal. In other countries it is available perhaps if there is a British store, or a supermarket selling British goods/

So where can I get Vimto in Cambodia? You can get Vimto at Angkir Mart in Siem Reap, as well as other British favourites like Tango and Iron Bru. It is though $2 a can, but hey still worth it in my mind.

WTF is a Cheeky Vimto

I’d almost forgotten Vimto as a booze drinking teenageer when I was introduced to the Cheeky Vimto. A simple concoction it consists of a blue WKD, an alcopop from the UK with a liberal mixture of port. WKD is a legionary brand that I will review when I next get to the UK!

Ironically it contains no Vimto, but tastes like the real McCoy. A great fusion Vimto Drink and ironic seeing that Vimto decided not to make an alcopop, although they do recommend it as a mixer…..

Can you mix Vimto Drink with alcohol?

You can, for I have tried it. Vimto cordial is great with Vodka, as is the carbonated drink. It can also be mixed well with rum and of course Port if you are feeling really kinky.

I also think the Vimto Drink would make a great ingredient in a cocktail. Alas I do not know of one, nor have I had time to invent one yet.

A firm #SodaQuest 9/10. One of the greatest drinks EVER produced. Although, amid the sugar free Vimto, but alas this rings true for almost every soft-drink in the world.