Best Mid-Range Hotels Sihanoukville – Legends Hotel and Resort

When it comes to booking a hotel in Sihanoukville it is very easy to get things wrong. The cheap hotels are bad, the expensive ones are basically casinos, the beach ones are meh and mid-range almost non-existent. There is though now Legends Hotel and Resort, which I found ticked a lot of boxes.

Why did it tick boxes for me? Well there are a few reasons, but principal among them were price and key to any hotel, location.

Where is Legends Hotel and Resort?

Located not so far from downtown Sihanoukville and in viewing distance at least from the beach, Legends Hotel and Resort is also in a great area filled with Khmer and Indonesian street food, as well as a few fairly decent Chinese restaurants.

Legends Hotel and Resort Address

Street 117, Preah Sihanouk/Sihanoukville

Kingdom of Cambodia

For note Grab will cost about $4 to get to from here, while town is about $3 and takes 10 minutes.

Legends Hotel and Resort Rooms

A basic room here costs $36, which although not โ€œcheapโ€ really does knock the shit out of the places that are $25. Much like in Port Moresby, or Manila doing small cash gets greta rewards.

I personally went for the $60 1 bedroom apartment, which was well worth the money and provided the ample space that I needed to get more work done, as well as done on fine Sihanoukville street food.

Facilities at Legends Hotel and Resort

Perhaps before talking about what they do have, we can talk about what they do not. The Legends Casino was closed, which I was quite happy about.

This is a truly beautiful building which is so lit up you can see the big blue lights from pretty much anywhere. It is clean, it is well managed and the staff are nice. With that being said they do annoyingly ask you for key deposit.

The main draw here though is the Legends Skybar, which as well as phat bar and restaurant offers some 2 for 1 cocktails from 6-8. It also has a swimming pool that is to die for both for its pool, as well as the city skyline view it offers. If only they would fix Sihanoukville so the view was a little nicer. With that being said the breakfast left a little to be desired.

Yet overall this was a great place, in a great street food area that if nothing else justified itself with the sublime sunset that it offered. The best mid-range hotel in Sihanoukville. Just maybeโ€ฆ