Kalui Seafood Restaurant Palawan


Kalui Seafood Restaurant in Puerto Princesa Palawan is the most famous and sold out within the city. I had previously been many years ago and was not that impressed. I decided to go again and well it blew my mind! Legits the best restaurant in Palawan.

Where is Kalui Restaurant

On Rizal Road and just 10 minutes from Blue Lagoon Inn, perhaps the best value hotel in Puerto Princesa. The street is now filled with food options, although in the past it was pretty much just here, Kinabuchs and street food.

Also very near to the report, something you will hear regularly during your dinner.

Kalui Seafood Restaurant Address;

369 Rizal Avenue,

 Barangay San Miguel,

Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan

Phone -: 0945 298 7215

The menu at Kalui Seafood Restaurant

Would you guess it, but pretty much everything is seafood and to be honest of you do not like seafood you will be screwed here. There are standard Filippino dishes like Kinalaw, but also quirky ones like Eel Adobo, which sadly they did not have on this day.

We went for a seaweed and mango grater, as well as a raw mango and tuna appetizer. Both of these were just sublime, with the mango element being enums. The kinalaw was also perhaps one of the best I have ever had.

Another key element here was that the food was also actually brought out at the correct time, something you rarely get in the Philippines.

For mains we mixed a selection of sweet and sour seafood soup, rabbit fish, crab and for my squid. All of the fish was again cooked perfectly, with my squid being almost as good as the cheese/pork/squid combo I had tried at the Selah Garden Hotel.

And the drinks? A perfect range of shakes, as well as fresh juices, but also a baller cocktail list, with a Tropical Depression (whatever that is) costing just $3 and being strong as hell.

They also did fresh buko, but alas I missed out on this occasion…….

Service and ambience at Kalui Seafood Restaurant

Overall the service was excellent, although when the server walked off halfway through my ordering of entrees U was a little miffed. If they lose any points it was for this minor transgression…….

Ambience wise the place is simply beautiful, with the tables, chairs and art all looking like they actually belong there. The shop in the back is a little overkill, but overall it does not take too much away from things.

And then there are all the places that make for a photo op. This place is so famous every Filippino that comes here needs to take a photo to prove they were here it seems. I’m OK with that though and even go in on the action.

Overall score for the Kalui Seafood Restaurant

A good solid 8.5 out of 10, with it easily being close to 9. Value wise 6 people ate and drank for just $100 including tip, so this was defiantly a plus, with the food being pretty close to flawless.

As for the points lost? To get 9’s, or 10’s you need to be flawless and at times I felt the service here to be a little rushed and they did not have a few things available. I will add though that these minor points are just that, minor and this is a restaurant that you simply have to eat at when you visit Palawan,

And it is right slap bang next to Kinabuchs if you need some slimy Tamilok as your dessert after the big fishy main meal at Kalui Seafood Restaurant.

You can join me here next year on my Palawan Tour.