Must Try Foods in Xian

Must try foods in Xian

There are many arguments for Xian not only being the culinary capital of Xian, but also having the best street food of the middle Kingdom. If then this is true what are the must try foods in Xian.

Here is not only the Street Food Guy’s guide to must try foods in Xian, but likely my last Xian entry for a while…

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Must try foods in Xian

Yan Rou Pao Mo

One already covered, but potentially THE must try food in Xian and Muslim Street. Can be had wife beef, where it is known as Nu Rou Pao Mo. The Pro Mo means with bread, which is broken up and added to the noodle like soup.

Make this extra spicy to get the real benefit.

Xian Soft Drinks

This consists of two main drinks, Bing Fun, which is basically light Fanta that was made many years ago, but is still very popular. Word has it they now do other flavors.

Then there is Suan Mei Tang a sour rum drink literally on the cards for centuries. Can be done in bottle or powder form and is the perfect antidote for a hot Xian day.

Xian Cold Noodles – AKA Liang Pi

While not as good as Pyongyang Cold Noodles they are still a Xian delicacy loved throughout China. Cold noodles, some veg ,peanut sauce and extra spices make this unique and feta on a summers day (with Bing Fun).

Must try foods in Xian – Meat skewers

Whilst mostly seen at Muslims Street (at least the big ones, you can get smaller ones at a regular Xian BBQ. These are best caked in spice and eaten with Suan Mei Tang!!!

Xian Kao Rou

I have already talked about Met skewers, but the meat skewer motherload comes at a real Kou Rou restaurant. They might be smaller, but Xian Street Food is the way to not just hang, out, but drink with friends.

Hans Beer and 9 Degrees Beer

Formerly THE beers of Xian, although others have now entered the market. Hans or “gampi) which means dry beer was 30 cents for 500+ ML back in the days. 9 Degrees or Jui Dou (guaranteed wring spelling! Was a rad more expensive.

They were though and indeed still are pretty bad. This doe snot stop them being some of the most important foods in Xian to try.

Laopo Bing

Ironically, for me last least the literal translation is “wife bread”. We have previously called this the best Rou Jia Mo in Xian, but it is more than that.

The bun is soy to such a degree you might say it is like a savory muffin. From there you add meat spices and whatever else tickles you fancy.

The Rou Jia Mo

Sounds like Roger Moore, so people learn it. Comes in hard bread that is filled with minced type meat and served with sas and indeed spice.

And while I feel it is isolated it is a must try food of Xian.

The Xian Saveloy

Another must try food in Xian comes with a street BBQ. Here you get 3-6 red sausages on a stick that we have decreed are like Xian saveloys. Always spicy and always tasty.

Although probably have little in comm on with a Papaua New Guinea saveloy.

Candied Fruit

Remember Toffee Apples, think that but supremely better. This is because they use almost every bloody fruit available, from oranges, to indeed apples, but they do not stop there.

They also toffee/candy soft juice fruits like grapes and even strawberries. Yes its candy, yes it is a winter food, but boys it a must try food in Xian when the sun goes down!

And these are our must try foods in Xian, themselves making the journey worth it, at least in our minds.