ID Double Edge – The Egyptian Alcopop

ID Double Edge

Before getting bin the train from Luxor to Cairo and after not having drank for 5 Fays I headed into a shop called “drinkies”. This would lead to me buying ID Double Edge. This turned out to be a great idea.

How I ended up with them is a bit of an accident though. In fact I wanted a small bottle of vodka, but they did not have it. The best option I could find though was ID Double Edge, which not only was an alco-pop, but also 20 percent proof. It turns out I seriously misjudged how strong it was.

The ID Double Edge Story

There is not all that much online about ID Double Edge, but I certainly consider it a must try drink of Egypt. It is sold online by CheersEgypt who said the following

“ID’s repertoire of ready-to-drink beverages won the hearts of Vodka drinkers everywhere for its convenience and extensive flavor range. These lip-smacking carbonated drinks are sure to get any party started – and keep it going!
ID Double Edge is available in a variety of exciting flavors, including Watermelon, Green Apple, Pineapple, Cherry, Energy and Tangerine”

They list as from 10%, but I can confirm it is way stronger than this. I was to try all but the listed energy drink, as well as a #ColaQuest version.

These are available through the country and seem to be very popular.

What does ID Double Energy taste like?

The ones I got were about 250 ml and 20 percent proof. For context this makes them the same as a regular soju, but actually stronger than flavored ones like Smirnoff Soju.

Yet despite this me being me decided I should neck all 5 in one go rather than sipping. Again I had forgotten that being so string meant literally downing 5 bottles of Jinro to myself. For contact usually 1-3 is doable for me.

And while they had the desired affect and tasted very good, you could also taste that it was bloody strong. This was soju, rather than alcopop feeling. But at just a few bucks a bottle it did really offer bang for your buck.

Of course this is very much in contrast to on the cruise where they wanted $10+ for a badly made cocktail.

And the best one? The ID Double Edge cola tasted like a true mixed drink, vodka and coke with far too much vodka and not enough coke. What is not to love about that?