The Zhuhai Nightlife Guide 2024

Zhuhai Nightlife

An integral part of the Pearl River Delta, as well as bordering the pseudo-county of Macao this is a fairly important city, but what is the current Zhuhai nightlife like? In short, weird to say the least.

I personally had come here in transit to Macao with the hope of watching the England vs Switzerland game, having previously gone to Hong Kong to watch them.

What the Zhuhai?

With a population of “just” 2.5 million people Zhuhai is barely city by Chinese standards being dwarfed by its contemporaries in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

That is not to say though that the city is not important, with its main pull being that it is the border town with Macau, the “Vegas of China”. I will deal with that statement later.

The importance of said border is exemplified by the fact that the train station is quite literally on the border of Macao, with the area in general set up for people transiting through for their gambling jollies. I shall write about the border later.

So, Zhuhai nightlife…….

Wanzai Seafood Street

As the title of my website attests I take street food fairly seriously and indeed judge a city very much by it. Therefore and as ou might imagine I was fairly excited by a place called “Wanzai Seafood Street”.

So at about 10.30 pm I heard out with excitement to try it out. Firstly getting a taxi was nightmare with the streets filled to the brim with Chinese tourists transiting the city. Eventually after near and hour we manage duo get a taxi and to go to Wanzai Seafood Street.

On arrival the restaurants were still open, but the seafood stalls where one buys stuff to take to the restaurants was starting close. I purchased squid and cuttlefish and headed to 4 restaurants. All fo Which declared themselves closed and would not even do us a solid. This was quite annoying and not really what I would expect form China. Thankfully we got our money back, but it was a bit of a disappointment.

With it nearly hitting kick off time I headed to try and watch football, surely an easy task right?

Shuiwan Bar street Zhuhai

Not really knowing where to go, but trusting in bar streets I headed to Shuiwan Bar Street to find it was not a bar street, but one filled with nightclubs. One tough at least had football on, so this is where I headed.

Thankfully they had the football on in reception. This was a good thing as the club was louder than a building site and I was not taking ecstasy. Annoyingly though beers could only be purchased by the 12, so I ended up spelling $4 on a coke – at least until half time.

Live Bar Zhuhai

Not finning much open online I got in a taxi and simply said I want to drink beer ands watch football, he found this hilarious. He drove for what seemed like forever before we hit what looked like another club street.

These bars though were a little different, nit least for the hot chicks coming out of the exit/entrance, but most importantly at least one had the match on, outside and with picnic chairs.

Thus watching football was achieved although people kept standing in front of the screen and all I could drink was Rio. At least England won the match though.

No more expat bars in Zhuhai

Perhaps most notable about the Zhuhai nightlife though was that the many expat bars, a few of which were Irish were apparently now closed.

This though sadly is not that much of a surprise as this is happening all over China from Xian to Beijing and Dandong, the places where we run our North Korea Tours from.

Sadly with the expats gone so too did the bars and sadly the ability to watch football. Truly nothing ever lasts forever. Overall and in case the point was missed, this is a decent place to transit on the way to Macao, but head straight to other places if you want to party as there really is no Zhuhai nightlife.

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