Street Food Kupang Guide

Street Food Kupang

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A great West Timor stop-off, or even a string point to get you to the islands of West Timor, as well as Timor-Leste itself, Kupang is largely a transit place. There are though things to do here, and this includes a street food Kupang scene.

What’s up with Kupang?

Kupang is a not too large city on West Timor which doubles up as the capital of the Christian island. There is a real Dutch and Christian presence here and formerly at least it did not feel very Indonesian. Sadly this is changing as the Indoesians move in and many laws on alcohol for example are also being brought to pass.

It is though still a great place to visit and of course a fabulous transit point to the ever interesting Timor-Leste. Not to name drop too much, but I do know President Horta (link to CIR).

What to do in Kupang?

There is not much to do here, save visiting an orphanage, an unimpressive beach, and some underwhelming underground caves.

Again this is less a destination and more a part of a journey to somewhere else. It is though also a relaxing town, with it being easy to kill a few days whilst staying here.

Street food Kupang

The street food scene in Kupang is largely dominated by the central market, which is by the watering in the centre of town. Before coming here one cans tart on the waterfront which offers a great sunset, people watching and some small snacks – note you will not find a beer here.

The street food Kupang scene at the market is where its at. Most of the vendors though tend to be Muslim, which means no beer, or pork. Instead there are great seafood noodle dishes, fried rice and a whole heap of fish which is very well priced. We fed 10+ people on $5 a head and it was quite literally feast, with us even getting away with bringing our own beer.

Nightlife in Kupang

The nightlife Kupang and the Street food Kupang scenes come together at the main beach area, which is full of bars, restaurants and street food vendors of some description. Come sunset this place is brimming with folk in the simple bars.

Sadly while there are a few street food vendors the choices are a bit lacking, with the bars offering even less.  Food though does exist and I think we survived on some nasa goring from a bar..

So, overall the Street Food Kupang scene is ok, of not quite up to the Papua New Guinea (link to TSFG), or even West Papua (link to EA) Standards. You will though at least not go hungry in Kupang…..