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Moto Cafe Phnom Penh – Not Very Good

Moto Cafe

One of the worst things about remote work and not having an office is ending up in shit cafes, for this I present Moto Cafe, not to be confused with Motor Cafe, which also exists.

What the Moto Cafe?

Basically it is a cafe as the name suggests, but it is “themed” to be about motorbikes. And by themed I mean it has a couple of bones and the decor is kind of like a garage.

Thankfully the theme does not also include bald antipodean racists as part of the whole experience. Instead you get get the kind of people who say “this is such a cool cafe”.

Where the Moto Cafe?

It is located in BKK 1 in Phnom Penh, the so called “cool district” within the city. I prefer 172 myself….

Moto Cafe Address;

26 Street 402 Sangkat Tumnup Tek,

189 St 163,

Phnom Penh


Kingdom of Cambodia

Location here

In case you’re interested it closes at 9 and there are bars nearby to cheer yourself up with.

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What do they sell at Moto Cafe Cambodia?

This is a coffee shop, so they sell coffee under the Starbucks price system of it is expensive it must be good. How this system still works today mystifies me.

They also have smoothies and juice. I purchased an orange juice sold to me in a plastic cup so I could get the wifi code. It cost $3.50 for a small, I ams are a big would have cost just $4.00, but I was not in the mood for the games!!!

In case you need to google “What is the wifi password at Moto Cafe it is Stopcivid19 – you are welcome.