Suoi Tien Water Park – The Best Day Out in Saigon

Suoi Tien

Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC? Who cares and does it matter? What does matter though is that I have found what is potentially both the weirdest and fun place for a day out in the city – Suoi Tien, ar to give the full title – Công viên Suối Tiên!

How did I end up here? Well I was on a layover and looking for something fun to do when a fellow TikToker told me about it, so off we went.

How to get to Suoi Tien Amusement Park

The park is pretty far from downtown and cost about $15 in a Grab, I do not know enough about Saigon to say where, but as the planes flew over the top I knew it was near the airport.

I think the journey took about 30 minutes or so which made it a very viable day trip option from Saigon.

What is there to do at Suoi Tien Amusement Park?

We arrived late, but there seemed to be a while heap of stuff here, with it looking like a Vietnamese interpretation of Disney, at times being surreal enough to remind me of the Crazy House in Da Lat.

These consisted of snack areas, amusement rides, haunted house type things, buses that look like trains, as well as pretend and I assume real animals.

Alas I had come rather late on the day, so did not get the whole experience.  My main reason to come here was the Water Park..

Suoi Tien Water Park

This is the water park that has it all, from swimming costumes to sale rot even those for rent, although how that actually works I am not really quite sure.

Assuming you have been smart enough to bring your own swimming clothes then you will be sorted by just using the lockers. And then you can go play on the waterslides, get in the rubber rings, go in the big swimming pool, or simply admire the quirky art work that litters this place.

And how as the look and feel of Suoi Tien? Quite simply like you are on acid. Overall a great day out and well worth booking a car ion Grab for.