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Vagina Falls – Mountain Terrace Philippines

Vagina Falls

I’m actually not sure if Vagina falls, falls under Mountain Province, or Ilocos Sur, but regardless it has a very name and is somewhere we stop for a picture.

Said Vagina falls are on the way back from both Sagada and Banaue Rice terraces as you head towards Vigan. The falls are at the bottom of the mountains that make up Mountain Province, Baguio and beyond.

What the Vagina Falls?

They are water falls we found while doing the Extreme Philippines Tour and on the way to Vigan, perhaps 4 hours from Sagada.

We have only checked out Vagina falls once and it was largely a let down, although it was at least wet (let the puns begin). Usually now we just stop at the entrance of the Vagina falls for a picture of the Vagina falls, rather than entering the Vagina (falls).

This is always popular and everyone likes a selfie for both social media and dating apps at Vagina falls.

In and around the Vagina falls

A shirt drive from here there is a pool and restaurant resort type area that you get to by medal bridge over the canyon. This is a very cool place to break up the journey. You will notice that it starts to get hot and humid in this area, with one person rightly calling this area moist (really?).

You will also find yourselves at a crossroads here having left Banaue and its rice terraces, while also being on the way to the street food and drinks of Vigan.

Of course we are constantly on the lookout for other funny names, and indeed the opposite of Vagina falls, but alas so far to no avail. We will say one thing though, we surely hope that there is a cock fighting arena here…..