Best Bars in Nauru – Bayview 2024 Guide

Nauru - Bayview

As one of the very few frequent visitors to Nauru I am also an expert on the bar scene in the country, particularly as the inventor of the Nauru pub crawl! And as of my last visit in 2024, I can confirm that Bayview is still the best bar and restaurant in Nauru.

I will though caveat this and add that it is one of only 4 “bars” not including Kava bars.

You can read about the Nauru Pub Crawl here.

Where is the Bayview Bar and Restaurant Nauru?

Bayview Restaurant Address

Anabare Bay


YES we realize that is a short address, but seeing a you can walk around Nauru in 4 hours this is really enough.

For context it is next to Anibare Bay and Anibare Restaurant the best Chinese restaurant in Nauru.

What the Bayview Restaurant Nauru?

Also known as the Bay Restaurant Nauru, we have always known it as Bayview, for it is on the bay and has a view, but I digress…

Owned by expats the bar and restaurant are the only one of the four bars that is essentially ever present, never having licensing issues, nor having to close down. From a restaurant point of view, Bayview is also the only foreign restaurant to remain just that, an open foreign food restaurant. And by foreign we mean not Chinese – for every restaurant bar Bayview is a Chinese restaurant.

Food at the Bayview Bar and Restaurant

To talk about for at the Bayview Restaurant and bar, we should first talk about the cuisine of Nauru. At some point I will give this its own article, but essentially the people of Nauru do not really cook and if they do it is spam and corned beef cooked at home.

Therefore the restaurants of Nauru are all Chinese, with the exception of at the Menem Hotel, which has a lot of Chinese dishes and Bayview. Bayview by far though has the most eclectic menu with burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, curries, raw tuna, as well as whole slew of deserts.

Pricers are extremely reasonable with a main setting you back around $10 (USD) mark. We managed a feast for 5 with drinks with our local friends and it barely touched $100.

Driving at Bayview Nauru

Man can only live on food alone for so long! Bayview has an extensive wine list, all the Anor beers you’d expect, as well as Vodka “coolers”, which even have a pink variety as the alco-pop of choice.

But if you have come thus far you should get on the cocktails. The list at Bayview again is pretty good, with more emphasis on tropical island style drinks, although they did also have a Long Island Iced Tea, which I made sure to try more than once.

Perhaps most unbeatable though is a good old fashioned gin and tonic whilst looking over the bay.

The Bayview Nauru Vibe?

From an eating point of view this is where you come to have a fancy lunch or dinner for someones birthday, with it having front, inside and backroom dining.

Drinks wise the vibe here is amazing and this is THE place to mingle with expats and locals alike. Were I to live in Nauru, which one day I might I am sure they would end up naming a chair after me…

I’d also pick this as the home bar for players and fans of the Nauru Soccer team.