Mountain Dew Art in South-East Asia

Mountain Dew Art

Lets face it when it come sto soft drinks Mountain Dew are the poor relations to Coke, Pepsi and the Dr Pepper groups. In fact in South-East Asia I hardly remember them existing, until recently, in hot seems related to Mountain Dew art and decorations.

What is Mountain Dew Art?

Most bottles in Southeast Asia have transitioned from glass to plastic, which means they usually end up as litter. In what can only be described a marketing nexus move Mountain Dew came out with a fluorescent green bottle.

And when say fluorescent I mean like glow in the dark shit. People started to love th bottles and create the so called Mountain Dew art and suddenly Mountain Dew was everywhere!

So, what is Mountain Dew Art?

I am not going to lie, but they are not reinventing the wheel here! It is using this bright Mountain Dew bottle to make “stuff”. Usually this entails the decorating of a garden, but has since expanded to towns, villages and Barangays (units in the Philippines).

In the case of the later low level government seemingly saving money and following a trend have written signs saying “welcome to xxxx” in what is now termed Mountain Dew art style.

And it is now a huge thing.

Where can I see Mountain Dew Art?

Bloody everywhere! I first saw it in Kota Kinabalu of Malaysia – which also has great Street Food and have since seen it throughout the Philippines, including the mountains and rice terraces of Banuabe (link to YPT), to Palawan.

In fact I had almost forgotten about them until driving the 5 hours up to El Nido, but they were again literally everywhere.

Has Mountain Dew Art helped Mountain Dew Sales?

You’d honestly have to assume that it has, and from experience at least it seems to be the case. I had rarely seen the drink until the phenomena and have even personally found myself buying the drink in the Philippines and even Papua New Guinea, despite the fact it is not something I would usually have.

And as well as great marketing you have to assume that it is helping fight against littering in at least some small way, even if it creating ridiculous bright green Mountain Dew Art monstrosities. .