Greenwich Pizza Philippines

greenwich pizza

When it come to food in the Philippines yje general consensus is that it is bad, which is partly true. What they do have though is pretty much every American franchise, as well as a whole heap of local ones, Greenwich Pizza is one of the later.

And it seems that franchises might just be the easiest form of business in the Philippines, as not matter how bad they are you still see them in very mall and rest stop throughout the country. This is very unique in Asia to the Philippine and seems to be part of their American colonial legacy.

What the Greenwich Pizza Philippines?

It seems to be owned by the same cats who made Jolibee, the infamous spaghetti herders and burger makers that are bigger than McDonald’s in the Philippines.

They also own a bunch of other pretty shit brands, none are worth mentioning unless you actually live here.

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Why the Greenwich Pizza?

Honestly I don’t know, except that I was going to Robinsons Mall to make tacky t-shirts and one of our group wanted pasta. Greenwich looked like it had pasta, which it did. It also as you might imagine had pizza.

As for why it is called Greenwich who knows. I am though now sure it has nothing to do with its London cousin.

Food at Greenwich Pizza

As stated there is pizza, but I decided to give that a miss. Aside from this there is lots and lots of pasta, but done in the weird Filipino way. The pasta dishes such as lasagne and carbonara are small fast food style, BUT come with an optional piece of fried chicken.

This is a very Filippino thing, with pretty much everything coming with an optional peace of (bad_ fried chicken, as well as gravy.

I personally went for lasagne, fried chicken and an iced tea. It did the job, but far from knocked me away.

So, another shit franchise from the Philippines, but Greenwich pizza will do if you fancy pasta that is a little bit more glassy than going to. Jolibee.