What is Egyptian Stella?

Egyptian Stella

A drink I had firmly and perhaps intentionally forgot, Egyptian Stella is a thing. Is it though related to the Belgium drink of the same name and is it any good? The answer is a mixed bunch.

I first discovered this last year when YPT did Edex and sank a few. This came from me asking for an Egyptian beer and being told that it was.

This was also the most popular drink of my recent cruise at least for the drinkers. I myself detoxed in this period. This was of course broke when I tried ID on the train from Luxor to Cairo..

What the Egyptian Stella?

Coming in a normal big bottle and adorned with a yellow label, Egyptian Stella looks nothing like a “wife beater” from back home.

So, according to Al Ahram Beverages this beer has been going for over 120 years (1897). This makes it pretty old and again suggests non relation to the Belgium Beer. Whether the later is sold here I do not know.

This leads me to think it is Budweiser vs Budweiser type issue.

Is Egyptian Stella any good?

Seemingly aimed at a more moneyed crowd this is the most expensive so theoretically the best beer in Egypt. On the cruise people were told that the other Egyptian beers (which were cheaper) had sold out. Egyptians though do like money, so this might have been a lie.

Regardless though I had at least one Stella in Egypt, not to mention the ones from my previous tip. Overall this is a good string lager that is better than other available lagers in Stella. This though is also shooting from what is a fairly low bar.

Yet despite this it is still a must try drink in Egypt, And that is the story of Egyptian Stella.