The Majuro City Guide – 2024

The Majuro City Guide

The Marshall Islands is the 7th least visited country on earth (officially), which means it has a reputation for there being that much to do. Is this fair though and what you do in Majuro the capital island of the country?

Every year YPT tours the Marshall Islands, with the main port of call being Eneko Island, but is there anything to do city tour wise?

Majuro Airport

Unless you own a ferry we will assume you arrive in this wonderful country by flights.

The Marshall Islands, and indeed Majuro offer one of the best and easy going airports within the region, with there even being a smoking area quite literally next to baggage reclaim – this greatly amused me.

After going through there are buses from the hotels waiting to take weary travelers onto their next port of call.

Majuro is served by both United Airlines, as well as Nauru Airlines, who are the more important of the two if you are planning to travel south and visit places like Majuro.

Staying in Majuro

Before you do anything tour like you will need to find a hotel on the island, and while there are apparently a few to choose from, in reality the only two real options are Robert Reimers Hotel and the Marshall Islands Resort.

Both of these are of a similar standard, but overall you get more bank for your buck in the Marshall Islands Resort (MIR), who can also help arrange a limited number of activities.

Visiting Eneko Island

There highlight of any trip to Majuro is visiting Eneko Island, which is a tour ran by Robert Remiers Hotel, who actually even own the place. This is a greta day out, with the island being beautiful, there being volleyball courts and the chance to cook up a BBQ being one that should not be missed at all.

You can read our full guide to this island here

What is there to see and do in Majuro?

Previously there were no tour guides, nor even a tourist administration due to low numbers visiting the county. This is something that has recently changed and we can now arrange tours directly with the government agencies.

This means getting a bus and some guides provided and visiting all the main sites. This includes national museums, the parliament of the Marshall Islands, as well as traditional Marshallese boat making, copra factories and the “other side of the island”.

Said other side of the island includes the beach and if you fancy trying some local street food, which we at least saw on sale.

And while we did not do this, you can visit the government office of Bikini Atoll and learn about the displaced people, as well as the nuclear testing that took place here.

Is there soccer in Majuro?

Kind of, with some plucky foreigners starting a football association, which may mean a friendly with Nauru one day? Indeed stranger things have happened.

Nightlife and eating in Majuro

There are bars, restaurants and of course two resorts, not to mention lots of Chinese food and American style fast/street/ junk food, but most of the nightlife is centered around the hotel bars.

In this respects we personally love the Marshall Islands Resort, although Robert Reimers also does a fine job here.

BUT, if you are of a more adventurous ilk then you can easily go exploring the local bars and even speakeasies. Some can be a bit dodgy, but overall this is not just one of the least visited, but also one of the safest countries on earth.

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