Best Bars in Nauru – Jules on Deck Nauru

Jules on Deck Nauru

I first visited Jules on Deck Nauru in 2017 from where I declared it the best bar in Nauru! Alas many factors have changed the situation in the country and it is not doing as well as it once was.

And what exactly does being one of the best bars in Nauru mean? Well it means you are at the top of the other 4/5 bars in the country AND you get featured in the Nauru pub crawl.

The Nauru Bar Scene

Nauru is a small island with a population of around 10,000 people that has suffered from economic woes and is overall rather Christian. This means that there is not much of a bar scene here. In total there are 4 “bars” although not all of them are currently open and the restaurants that previously served, such as Anibare Bay no longer do.

Liquor wise there are a few liquor stores, but you cannot just pick up beers from shops. Another drinking alternative is the Menen Hotel.

So, what about Jules on Deck?

Where is Jules on Deck Nauru?

Jules on Deck address;

Jules on Deck


Yep that is about as good as it gets with an address in Nauru. We can though say it is on a beautiful beach and only about 10 minutes drive from the Menen Hotel.

The Jules on Deck Nauru Vibe?

In the old days the Jules on Deck Nauru vibe was live music, late nights, expats, refugees, locals and a the Nauru Sunset cocktail. Alas things though change. The refugees and expats have gone and now the government are slightly stricter with booze.

All this combined means that Jules on Deck, which is owned by the manager of the Meneng Hotel only currently opens at weekends. We got around this on our pub crawl by taking drink from Bayview and going to Jules on Deck for the sunset.

So, still one of the best bars in Nauru, but again that is not saying all that much when you keep in mind the competition.